i hope the next Pokemon game upgrades the rollerblades so that they’re magnetic. and like, you can spray paint things. while you’re skating. wait. i’m thinking about Jet Set Radio again. actually, i just want another Jet Set Radio game.

"Don’t pussy out on me now. they don’t know. they don’t know shit. you’re not gonna get hurt. you’re fucking Barretta. they believe every fucking word ‘cause you’re super cool."

Andrew Jackson Jihad - Personal Space Invader
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be kind to those you love, and be kind to those you don’t. 
but for god’s sake you gotta be kind and respectful because we’re all one soul.

be the best fucking human you can be.

Wow, thats actually really good advice

I noticed an earlier ask about you being (jokingly) awkward in public and I was wondering, along the same lines, if you have any advice for someone who's extremely socially anxious? anyway, thank you for all your work with mega64! you are hilarious and inspiring and I love all the new content you guys are putting out! (as well as the old!)


The people around you all took a shit today. No matter how important, or witty, or beautiful the person is next to you, earlier that day they pulled down their pants and took a gross shit. Any fear or anxiety I have ever had about another person was quelled by that thought. Hang onto that forever.

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